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One-way restrictor 0.1...1 MPa 6.0 mm R1/8

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SMC ASP330F-01-06S Speed Controller
SMC ASP330F-01-06S Speed Controller
SMC ASP330F-01-06S Speed Controller
SMC ASP330F-01-06S Speed Controller
SMC ASP330F-01-06S Speed Controller
SMC ASP330F-01-06S Speed Controller
SMC ASP330F-01-06S Speed Controller
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Throttle check valve
Throttle check valves
Throttle non-return valve
Throttle non-return valves
One-way restrictor, Operating pressure: 0.1...1 MPa, Operating temperature: -5...+60 °C, Connection, pilot valve: M5, Termination: R1/8, Hose external ø: 6.0 mm
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0.032 kg
0.032 kg
15 mm
45 mm
50 mm
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