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NORVI ENET-AE06-T (LAN Ethernet, 4x Open collector Transistor)

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Power transistor
Terminal block module
Terminal block modules
power transistor
Industrial ESP32, Ready for Industrial Environments : Arduino and ESP-IDF USB Programmable Industrial ESP32 with OLED Display and din-rail mount. NORVI ENET Series comes with built-in Ethernet. Expanding its connectivity.

NORVI ENET range is the idea choice for ESP32 Ethernet implementations, where industrial level I/O and voltages are present. ESP32 Ethernet provides both Wireless and wired connections to the network. It is designed for protection and reliability. Complying with 2014/30/EU- Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Annex III, Part B, Module C (Conformity to Type Based on Internal Production Control).

  • 8x Digital Inputs
  • 4x Transistor outputs
  • 4 Analog inputs
  • Built in OLED Display
  • micro SD card support
  • DS3231 RTC with baery backup
  • W5500 Ethernet

More information:
Range of product:
Product type:
Programmable Controller
Rated supply voltage:
24V DC
Discrete input number:
8 discrete input
Discrete output type:
Discrete output number:
4 Open collector Transistor
Discrete output voltage:
24V DC for transisitor output
Discrete output current:
0.5A with T0.0... T0.1 Transistor
WIFI / Bluetooth
OLED Display protocol:
TFT Display protocol:
Analog input range:
4 - 20mA (AE06-I) / 0 - 10V (AE06-V)
Analog input resoluon:
16 bit
Discrete IO number:
Number of Expansions:
Supply voltage limits:
20.4 ..... 28.8V
Inrush current:
<= 50A
Power consumption in W:
32.6 ...... 40.4 with all outputs ON
Discrete logic Input:
Sink or source
Discrete input Voltage:
24V DC
Voltage TypeVoltage state 1:
> = 15V for Input
Voltage TypeVoltage state 0:
< = 5V for input
Discrete Input Current:
5mA for Input
Input impedance:
4.7k Ohm for Input
Local signalling:
1 LED green for PWR,1 LED green for RUN, 8 LED green for I0......I7, 6 LED green for T0....T5
Electrical connection:
Removable screw terminal block for inputs and outputs (pitch 5.08 mm)
Mounting support:
Top hat type TH35-15 rail conforming to IEC 60715 Top hat type TH35-7.5 rail conforming to IEC 60715 Plate or panel with fixing kit
90.50 mm
56.60 mm
60.60 mm
0.43 kg
Resistance to electrostac discharge:
4kV on contact 8kV on air
Resistance to electro magnec fields:
10 V/m (80 MHz ...... 1GHz) 3 V/m (1.4 MHz ...... 2 GHz) 1 V/m (2 MHz ...... 3 GHz)
Immunity to microbreaks:
10 ms
Relave humidity:
10....95% without condensation in operation
IP degree of protection:
Operating altitude:
Storage altitude:
Shock resistance:
15 gn for 11 ms
0.4 kg
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