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Multi parameter HandyLab 680 Type HL680pH/CondVersat

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Multi parameter HandyLab 680 Type HL680pH/CondVersat
Multi parameter HandyLab 680 Type HL680pH/CondVersat
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Conductivity tester
Conductivity measuring cell
Conductivity probe
Conductivity measure cell
Multi parameter HandyLab 680
The HandyLab 680 increases the measuring accuracy via:
-IDS technology. The digitalization of the measuring signal eliminates interferences
-AutoRead function. Autoread provides a stable, precise measuring value
-CMC (Continuous Measurement Control) visualizes whether the measuring value is within the calibration range
-QSC (Quality Sensor Control) informs about the actual condition of the electrode and therefore increases operation safety

The HandyLab 680 increases the operator comfort via:
-IDS Technology. The secure allocation of the calibration data to the sensor eliminates any uncertainty about the date and results of its last calibration. This saves time and money while assuring the highest confidence in your measurements
-Traceability of the measuring values by the digital and automatic capture of all sensor data
-User administration can be activated to allow tiered access and capabilities ensuring security and confidence of your data
-Transmission of all data in *.csv format via USB interface to the PC or the USB memory stick, or, as an alternative, formatted transfer to Excel by means of MultiLab Importer (included in the delivery)

Scope of supply:
HL680pH/CondVersat: pH/Cond meter Set HandyLab 680 with conductivity electrode LF413T IDS, pHTelectrode A7780 IDS, case Z530, protective armouring Z389 for generall applications
HL680pH/Cond/OxVer: pH/Cond/OX meter Set HandyLab 680 with oxygen electrode FDO1100 IDS, conductivity electrode LF413T IDS, pHT electrode A7780 IDS, case Z530, protective armouring Z389 for generall applications
Measuring range:
0.000 ... 14.000pH
Measuring range:
±1200.0 mV
Measuring range:
-5.0 ... +105.0°C
Measuring range:
0.00 ... 2000mS/cm
±0.1mS/cm, ±0.01µS/cm, ±0.001µS/cm
±0.5% of mean value
Specific resistance: 0.00 Wcm ... 100 MWcm ±0.5% of mean value
Salinity: 0.0 ... 70.0 (acc. to IOT)
TDS: 0 ... 1999 mg/l, 0 ... 199.9g/l ±0.5% of mean value
Oxygen measurement
DO concentration:
DO saturation:
DO partial pressure:
0.00 ... 20.00mg/l ±0.5% of mean value
0.0 ... 200.0 % ±0.5% of mean value
0 ... 400 hPa ±0.5% of mean value

Type HL680pH/CondVersat
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