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Blender bags BagSystem\up6\fs14 ®\up0\fs18 Type BagFilter® Pipet & Roll Description side filter bag sleeve 25 Pore size

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     Alfred Schwinherr
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Homogenisation bag
Homogenisation bags
Homogenization bag
Homogenization bags
Blender bags, BagSystem®
These gamma-ray sterilized bags have a high mechanical stability and ensure safety for the samples. The filters inserted in the bags filter the liquid during sample preparation (washing process) and retain sample particles.

BagLight®: Bag without filter, for all microbiological laboratory applications.
BagLight® Multilayer: Like BagLight® with strong multilayer film.
BagLight® Multilayer U: Like BagLight® with strong multilayer film and U-bottom.

BagPage® and BagPage®+: Homogenizer bag with a micro-perforated filter that extends over the entire width of the sample bag (full-size filter).
BagPage® R: Like BagPage® with non-woven filter.
BagPage® F: Like BagPage® for flow cytometry.
BagPage® XR: Like BagPage® extra resistant.

BagFilter® P: Bag with non-woven filter (side filter). Removal of the filtered solvent with BagPipet®. With pre-cut for pipetting.
BagFilter® Roll: Bag with non-woven filter (side filter). With waterproof quick-closure by resealable sticker.
BagFilter® Pipett: Bag with non-woven filter (side filter). With resealable pipette access for micropipettes.
BagFilter® Pipet & Roll: Bag with non-woven filter (side filter). Combines the resealable Pipette access with waterproof quick-closure.

Type BagFilter® Pipet & Roll
Description side filter bag, sleeve 25
Pore size 250 µm
Width 190 mm
Height 300 mm
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