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3ml CHROMABOND® HR-XC Capacity 500 mg

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3ml CHROMABOND® HR-XC Capacity 500 mg
3ml CHROMABOND® HR-XC Capacity 500 mg
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SPE-PP column
spe-pp column
The innovative cation exchanger offers:

mixed-mode SPE phase with distinct cation exchange and RP properties
excellent enrichment of basic analytes
modern support polymer with optimised pore structure and large specific surface
good reproducibility, reliable and cost-efficient analyses
more aggressive washing procedures for matrix removal possible
cleaner samples and protection of analytical HPLC and GC instrumentation
quantificationof analytes from heavily contaminated samples
lower limits of detection also for critical matrices

... the perfect fit for basic analytes in comination with CHROMABOND® HR-X
Benzenesulfonic acid modified polymeric cation exchanger for SPE

Base material spherical PS/DVB copolymer, pore size 65-75Å, particle sizes 45µm or 85µm (standard), very large specific surface 800m²/g, pore volume 1.4cm≥/g, pH stability 1-14. Benzenesulfonic acid modification, exchange capacity 1.0meq/g, pKa < 1 RP capacity 300mg/g (caffeine in water). High-purity material, highest reproducibility and lowest blank values due to an optimized production process, outstanding recovery rates especially for the enrichment of basic analytes for standard protocol.

Recommended application: basic active ingredients from strongly matrix-contaminated samples like, e.g., urine, plasma, serum, fungicides from food, basic analytes like, e.g., amines, bases with pKa 2-10.

Capacity 3 ml
Capacity 500 mg
Other search terms: CHROMABOND®
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