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CHROMABOND® PS-OH-/PS-H+ Phase PS-H+ Capacity 3 ml Capacity 200 mg

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Product information
CHROMABOND® PS-OH-/PS-H+ Phase PS-H+ Capacity 3 ml Capacity 200 mg
CHROMABOND® PS-OH-/PS-H+ Phase PS-H+ Capacity 3 ml Capacity 200 mg
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SPE-PP column
spe-pp column
The innovative cation exchanger offers:

mixed-mode SPE phase with distinct cation exchange and RP properties
excellent enrichment of basic analytes
modern support polymer with optimised pore structure and large specific surface
good reproducibility, reliable and cost-efficient analyses
more aggressive washing procedures for matrix removal possible
cleaner samples and protection of analytical HPLC and GC instrumentation
quantificationof analytes from heavily contaminated samples
lower limits of detection also for critical matrices

... the perfect fit for basic analytes in comination with CHROMABOND® HR-X
SPE phases for polymer-based RP and ion chromatography

Base material: high-purity polystyrene-divinylbenzene copolymers (PS/DVB)
pore size 100 Å, paricle size 100µm. Verly low degree of swelling, thus very well suited for chromatography. Different modifications for different applications from elimination of nonpolar compounds up to removal of specific polar comonents.

Recommended application:
Removal of interfering compounds
-improves chromatographic separtions, if the interfering components overlap with the analyte in the chromatogram
-improves lifetime of the chromatographic column, since interfering components can irreversibly block the column packing
removal or concentration of anions from water increasing the pH value in acidic samples removal or concentration of cations from water PS-OH- strong PS/DVB anion exanger, OH- form capacity 0,6 meq/g
decreasing the pH value in basic samples PS-H+ strong PS/DVB cation exchanger, H+ form, capacity 2,9 meg/g

Phase PS-H+
Capacity 3 ml
Capacity 200 mg
Other search terms: SPE,phases CHROMABOND® PS-OH-/P
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