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3ml CHROMABOND® SB Capacity 200 mg

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3ml CHROMABOND® SB Capacity 200 mg
3ml CHROMABOND® SB Capacity 200 mg
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SPE-PP column
spe-pp column
Quaternary ammonium modified silica anion exchanger for SPE (SAX)

Base material silica, pore size 60 Å, particle size 45 µm, specific surface 500 m²/g, pH stability 2 to 8. Silica modified with quaternary amine. Strongly basic anion exchanger (capacity ~ 0.3 meq/g). Not suited for very strong anions such as sulphonic acids, because these are difficult to elute.

Recommended application: organic acids, caffeine, saccharin.

Capacity 3 ml
Capacity 200 mg
Other search terms: Chromatography,columns
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