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JRC60 Medium Wave Infrared electric Outdoor Heater

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JRC60 Medium Wave Infrared electric Outdoor Heater
JRC60 Medium Wave Infrared electric Outdoor Heater
JRC60 Medium Wave Infrared electric Outdoor Heater
JRC60 Medium Wave Infrared electric Outdoor Heater
JRC60 Medium Wave Infrared electric Outdoor Heater
JRC60 Medium Wave Infrared electric Outdoor Heater
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     JRC Classic Series Heaters
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Electric heaters
Infrared electric heaters
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The JRC Heaters 6kW dual element JRC60 is an extremely high-powered unit that provides a more concentrated heat that requires a minimum 2.75M mounting height. This heater is ideal where larger areas or commercial projects need to be heated.
Dual element heaters can be wired individually allowing for the single element or double element option further reducing running costs when the weather is not so cold.

At 156cm, it’s the biggest medium wave infrared heater on the market.

Its additional power emits heat over a larger area making this heater attractive for restaurants, bars and clubs. These elements achieve an extremely high life of 7000 hours which won’t be affected when motion sensors and timers are used as our heaters power up with none of halogen's huge current inrush. Forget about soft starter controls - you don't need them!

With its stylish stainless steel design this heater provides the ideal solution to heat outdoor and indoor areas and with minimal heat behind the heater can be mounted close to awnings, glass and combustible materials.

The JRC50 is manufactured in Ireland with the highest quality materials using 100% G4 marine grade stainless steel able to withstand harsh winter conditions without risk of corrosion. By using 98% pure mirror finish Aluminium reflectors, this enables the maximum amount of heat to be projected outwards and not lost in the body of the heater.

Manufactured for commercial and domestic purposes, it will deliver all your required heating need.

• Medium wave infrared elements emit warmth which is absorbed only by solid objects such as people, furniture etc. rather than the air in between.
• JRC Heaters convert over 94% of electricity into heat, compared to 45% for gas and 60% for halogen heaters. So this is your most energy efficient choice!
• JRC Heaters are safe for use outdoors or indoors, operate silently, emit no greenhouse gases or unpleasant odours and do not require ventilation.
• IPX4 rated so are suitable for use in wet weather. They have no moving parts and are virtually maintenance-free. The casing is manufactured from G4 stainless steel so is very resistant to rust.
• CE rated and come with a two-year warranty. Our elements are guaranteed for 7,000 hours of continuous use.
More information:
Available Kw:
6 (2x3) Kw
Dimensions WxHxD:
156 x 22 x 20 cm
Heat up to:
4.5. x 4.5 m
Quartz element life:
up to 7000 hrs
IP Rating:
IPX4 protection from water
Suggested mounting height:
2.75 x 3 m
Current (A):
25 (12.5 per element) Amps
Voltage (V):
220-240 V
Shipping weight:
9 Kg
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