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Oxboard Black self balancing electrical personal transportation

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Oxboard Black self balancing electrical personal transportation
Oxboard Black self balancing electrical personal transportation
Oxboard Black self balancing electrical personal transportation
Oxboard Black self balancing electrical personal transportation
Oxboard Black self balancing electrical personal transportation
Oxboard Black self balancing electrical personal transportation
Oxboard Black self balancing electrical personal transportation
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internal transport
commuter transport
business transport
city transport
Segway created a new category of electric personal transport with its self-balancing scooters – now OXBOARD makes this accessible to everyone.
The latest advances in technology have made it is so much smaller and more convenient! From young people looking for a fun activity, to business users zooming around trade fairs, and even logistics companies saving hours of time in the warehouse.

The combination of super-speedy software and electro giro-motors allows the device to remain balanced, whether stationary, or speeding along. All the rider needs is some sense of balance: most people master the OXBOARD within fifteen minutes or so.

The OXBOARD is fun, easy to control and 100% electric! You move and control the OXBOARD with your feet. You can go forward and backward, make turns and even spin 360 degrees.

A 220V charger and manual are included with the OXBOARD. You receive 1 year of warranty on the OXBOARD. The OXBOARD is immediately deliverable! No product is complete without a range of useful add-ons. An optional lockable bracket and handy transport bag will be coming soon – ideal for a student house, or at work.You can charge the OXBOARD within hours using the supplied charger. Fully charged, you can go about 15 to 20 kilometers an hour with a top speed of roughly 10 kilometers per hour.

The rubber bumpers offer extra protection while using your OXBOARD.Choose your favorite colour from black, red and white!
DISCLAIMERWe advise reading the included manual before using the OXBOARD, and to wear protection on your head, elbows and knees whenever you use an OXBOARD. The OXBOARD is less or not suited for use on irregular, steep or wet surfaces and on glazed frost. Usage of the OXBOARD, both inside and outdoors, is at your own risk and responsibility. OXBOARD B.V. can never be held responsible for damage or (physical) injury caused by the use of an OXBOARD.

OXBOARD comes from Eindhoven in The Netherlands, at the heart of a region world-famous for its trailblazing designs and innovations. The network of skilled entrepreneurs and technologists in the area was perfect to create OXBOARD. A full selection of available technology was assessed, then blended to create a unique product, making self-balancing transport accessible to the widest range of users.

An electronic device is only useful if it has a decent range. Each OXBOARD has powerful batteries – no expense has been spared. Depending on the weight of the rider and the type of use, an OXBOARD is good for 15 to 20 kilometres. This could be a full day at a trade fair, or hours of fun in and around the home. Recharging is fast, and the OXBOARD is fully charged within three hours. Extra batteries will be available, but replacement should not be necessary for at least the first year.

OXBOARD is not simply a platform on two wheels. It is an ingenious combination of electronics and mechanics, in a smartly designed housing made from specially selected materials.OXBOARD includes only the very best components, including our own design of lighting. LED lamps with 6000Kelvin (Xenon) really light up the route ahead. Status indicators in the centre of the OXBOARD clearly show the battery status – they are incorporated into the platform material, making them fully protected, yet easily visible.
You can’t miss an OXBOARD, thanks to its tough stand-out design. The wheel arches have been specially engineered to reduce debris collection and prevent the wheels for getting stuck. The underside material is particularly robust for the toughest usage, and additional base plates protect the mechanism of each OXBOARD. We have also included protective rubber bumpers for even further protection.

A product in daily use can still look great. The OXBOARD housing material is PC/ABS, which is extremely resistant to wear and tear, collisions and scratches. We have also fully colored the material itself, so that any scuffs will be much less noticeable.
The brains of an OXBOARD is built on thousands of lines of code. This software receives information from high-quality high-speed sensors – it is the accuracy and speed of these sensors which enables the silky-smooth OXBOARD ride.
More information:
ca. 62.5 x24.5 x25 cm
height of footplatform:
ca 11 cm
ca. 10 kilo
maximum load capacity:
120 kilo
outer wheel diameter:
17 cm
maximum speed:
15 kilometer per hour
maximum range:
ca. 15 tot 20 kilometer
turning radius:
360 degrees on its own axis
lithium-Ion 36V 4.4 Ah
220 Volts
max angle of inclination:
ca. 15 %
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